Thursday, December 14

Christmas Blues

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Why is it, that in the month of December, my MOT is due, and my car insurance renewal, just at the time I need all my money for Christmas? Naturally the car needed some money spent on it, to keep it on the road, and pass the MOT, so as I have already used my credit card for presents and food, in January I will have a huge bill to start 2011.

But I am one of many, we are all desperately trying to cope with Christmas, and we have the added hindrance of not only food going up, petrol is too, and so are Gas and Electricity.  I dread to think how some poor pensioners cope. I know I am very lucky to be able to run a car, but I can only just do it.

None of this will stop me from enjoying Christmas and the New Year. I always start a New year full of optimism that things will get better, because how can they get any worse? I might win the lottery, well if I bought a ticket it would be possible. Until then, out comes my plastic friend, the day of

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reckoning will dawn in January 2011, but until then, goodwill to all men

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