Wednesday, December 13

The Mothers-In-Law: A Night to Forget

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A Night to Forget is the fourth episode in The Mothers-in-Law TV series from the late 60’s.  This set is out on DVD, and I’m having a ball watching them again.  However, with the modern age, you do see some of the flaws that viewers may have missed way back when.

There’s no doubt the show is funny, but I’ve noticed the plots feel like the same, just reworked with some twists.  Part of the problem is the airing order, which is out of whack.  For example, this show has the newlyweds on their honeymoon.  Now the 2nd episode had them and their parents all at golf resort, and then the next show had the Buells going to a ski lodge.

This means that the first 4 shows were all about travel for at least one of the 3 main couples and with the dialog, it just doesn’t make sense that they aired the way they did.  In this case, Herb actually says the kids have been on their honeymoon for a week.

As for the main plot, Eve and Kaye end up locked inside a department store at night.  Mayhem ensues.

Desi Arnaz, whose production company brought the series to television, guest stars in this episode.  He’s pretty good as the international wrong number Eve gets when trying to call for help.


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