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Fight Weight Loss With Metabolic Typing

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 Why?  Because the answer is achieved in a different (and a lot less torturous) way:  to lose weight all you need is to simply correct the imbalance that has caused you to gain it in the first place.Consider this: no species in the wild life struggle with obesity:  no deer, no lion – not even human aborigines in their natural environment. 

Or, have you ever seen a cat or a dog fight against cravings for, say, red meat for fear of gaining a few extra pounds or not feeling good in the morning? 

Of course not. 

In fact, the opposite is true:  animals don’t have any desire to eat the foods that are not beneficial for them (lions won’t eat grass, and deer won’t eat meat).  In Nature, all things seem to be fine-tuned for perfect survival, and thus for best health and the look that we subconsciously perceive as ideal, attractive, and desirable.   And this health and look go hand in hand, and come to everyone involved… well, naturally.   All we, civilized humans need to do is re-discover this balance – and then our perfectly slim look will come naturally as well:  without fighting against yourself – and thus without ever losing the fight, “blowing it” and having to start all over

Take a good look around you.  Some people are never sick, no matter how many times they get drenched in the rain at the peak of the flu season — and some are always struggling, if not with one aliment, then with another.  Some can eat doughnuts till they are ready to puke and never gain an ounce, while some –it seems — as much as look at a candy bar and gain weight.  

Through research, through studying other cultures (who do not have the weight and the health problems that are becoming so common here in America), through personal trial we are slowly discovering what this “right” is.  (Hint:  it has to do with how Nature has intended it).


A powerful antioxidant.  Reduces inflammation in your body and thus can help with joint/arthritis pain, water retention/weight gain and improve tolerance during the cold and flu season.  Heals minor wounds in the digestive tract.  Reduces the risk of cancer.  Improves immunities.  Can be used as a great appetite suppressant before meals without any side-effects and without affecting the stomach lining.  What is it?

What is the healthiest food in the world?  Most researchers agree that it is without a doubt honey. Honey has been used for nutritional purposes, as well as for medicinal needs for thousands of years. Most Holy Writings (Christian, Jewish, etc) refer to it monumental food, and not without a reason: they had actually witnesses the healing powers they have recorded about this food.
The ancient Mayans used honey to treat various deadly wounds which had become infected. Since antibiotics were not known, this was used as an antibiotic and antiseptic healing agent—and it worked like a charm.  

But why don’t we witness such healings today?  Partly, because we don’t believe in them, we don’t do them.  You have to use a remedy before you see it work:  if you never use it, you’ll never see the benefits.  Our modern attitude is, nevertheless, that unless one had to go sit for an hour in a doctor’s needs to be official.  It needs to be approved by someone smarter than we are…  And when we take it home, and it doesn’t do anything, we usually very forgivingly move on.

No, I am not bashing doctors and pharmacists here.  All I am trying to say, that when a medical drug does not work (or showers us with all kinds of undesirable side-effects) our mind is oftentimes closed to trying something outside of this convention-drawn circle.  Something totally simple.  Something harmless. We simply don’t believe it would work.  So, we either suffer on, or repeat the vicious circle at the doctor’s office.
Meanwhile, Robitussin is putting honey into their cough-syrup, trusting into the honey’s cough-supressing properties just fine.  But we, in our stead, will not believe that honey can do that, unless we paid Robitussin $5.99 for 4oz. of the cough syrup – and no case will we even try a eating spoonful of honey (which costs $5.99 A POUND) to as much as see what the effect would be.

Also everyone knows that honey is a natural booster of the immune system especially in children. ……let’s talk about the honey that is still in the honeycomb.

The medicinal properties of honeycomb are closely linked with honey. However, the benefits of honey are amplified when you eat it in honeycomb form. The reason for this stems from the fact that bees use special amino acids and enzymes to make the honeycomb. Moreover, the honeycomb is designed to store honey for prolonged periods of time. Hence, the antiseptic, antiviral and antibiotic properties of honey are amplified within the structures of the honeycomb itself. In fact, a research in the year 2000 by the University of Zurich showed that children who ate 5 grams of honeycomb every day had their immune systems boosted and strengthened by an average of 19%. This can be a very significant increase, especially in the winter times when the flu season is at its peak.

Of course, the medicinal properties of honeycomb are not limited by just the properties listed above. For example, it has been demonstrated that chewing honeycomb can help to subdue various seasonal allergies. Especially if you get allergies such as sinus and runny nose in the spring; then chewing honeycomb can be the best solution for you. Of course, besides seasonal allergies, it has been shown that eating honeycomb can be effective for all kinds of wide spectrum allergies that a person may be effected with. Some researches suggest that this has to do with how honeycomb affects your immune system.

Moreover, honeycomb can be considered as the purest form of honey. For example, if you eat honeycombs, it has been shown by a study in University of Maryland that it can help to fight and subdue inflammation within your body. As you know, inflammation is a serious occurrence in the body and thus as a result, many of the joint problems, aches and pains in your body can be controlled just by eating honey and especially honeycomb. Thus, as you can see, eating pure honeycomb is especially favorable for strengthening many of your bodily processes and especially your natural immune system.

Thus,you can eat honeycomb every day for best health and longevity.
There is a good, solid record of when honeycomb has been successfully used in treating
conditions when other medicines and remedies failed.  For example, it has been noted, that those suffering from diabetes tend to develop sores on their feet due to poor circulation, which don’t easily yield to treatment — and thus amputation could not be avoided in many instances.  Guess what?  Honeycomb was successful in making these wounds heal up and often even go away permanently.   The treatment consisted of applying the honey that had been recently (i.e. within  hours) extracted from the honeycomb directly to the affected areas three to five times a day.  
Honeycomb can also be used in battling colds and the flu in order to get over them faster, as well as in facilitating more successful weight loss by using pieces of honeycomb as an appetite suppressant.

Studies show, that people who chewed on a piece of honeycomb every time they felt a sweet-tooth craving, got as much as 500%(!) better weight loss results as compared to those who followed an identical diet without having this tool.  Besides, this type of appetite suppressant does not have any side effects, does not affect the lining of your stomach, and is actually beneficial — rather than questionable — for your health.

As you can see from the examples above, honey comb can be used either directly, or the honey can be extracted from it, and used either as a medicinal remedy, a nutrition supplement or simply tasty treat.  
(This combination of qualities is great when treating children!)


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