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How Much Can You Earn by Selling Freelance Articles Through Constant Content?

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Whereas many freelance writing sites pay you by the click, on Constant Content you can set your own price and actually sell your articles. If you are a freelance writer with good writing skills seeking to earn some income from your articles, Constant Content may be the solution for you.

Freelance writers on Constant Content sell the rights to their articles to customers/clients who can then use the articles in a variety of ways. This can include being used in print or online magazines, blogs, or professional websites.

The process is simple. First, the freelance writer submits an article to Constant Content. Next, Constant Content reviews the quality and content of the article based on strict guidelines. Then, assuming the article is deemed acceptable, the article is posted on Constant Content for potential buyers to see.

While you may have to wait for articles to sell, the eventual payoff will typically be more than you can earn through other freelance writing sites. Constant Content is known to only accept articles of a high quality, so potential customers/clients are willing to pay more to acquire them.

Some articles go for $100-200 while others may sell for only $7-10. Typically, a one-page (300-500 word) article can sell for $30-40. It depends on the topic, the depth of research, the length of the article, and the quality of writing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important, but not crucial. You keep 65% of the sale price.

Say, for example, you sold an article for $50. You would get 65%, or $32.50. Constant Content would get 30%, or $15.00. The remaining 5% ($2.50) would go to the person who referred you (through a referral link) to Constant Content. If no one referred you, that 5% would be added to Constant Content’s total. So if that article took you one hour to write, you would essentially be making $32.50 per hour.

You decide what to charge for your article (factoring in the 35% that will go elsewhere) and set the price during the article submission process. Constant Content also gives you the option to accept “Best offer” bids. Many authors, though, prefer to price articles for what they believe the articles are worth and leave it at that.

Authors in the Constant Content Forum claim that 70% of the articles on Constant Content sell… eventually. But you will have to wait. Writing for Constant Content is not a get-rich-quick plan; it takes patience. But it’s worth it for the occasional “Article Sold!” email. Authors who stick with it and regularly submit new articles can earn a substantial income from their writing.

Click to join and begin submitting your articles today. (Even if you’re not ready to submit an article, sign up so you can receive the public requests via email.)


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