Monday, December 18

Rapper Dmx Gets A Year In Prison

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Rapper DMX gets a year in prison for violating his probation. DMX probation was revoked for not meeting rehab terms and he is headed back to prison for a year. His real name, Earl Simmons was arrested last month for violating probation for getting kicked out of a rehab center and having a drink at a Scottsdale club after a performance. He was also caught driving on a suspended license and he refused to submit to drug testing. He also drank alcohol on stage where the whole world could see him violating his probation.

DMX was born in Mount Vernon, New York under his real name Earl Simmons. He was relocated to Yonkers as a young child.  As a youth, DMX was always getting in trouble with the law. He spent much of his adolescent time committing crimes on the streets and getting into trouble. DMX considered getting into Hip Hop and away from his life of crime. Earl Simmons became a rapper in 1990 and changed his name to DMX.

Earl Simmons has always been in trouble with the law. His fame has not helped him get away from his life of crime. DMX has been arrested for numerous crimes including animal cruelty, reckless driving, driving without a license, drug possession, identity falsification, weapons charges etc. DMX has spent time in jail for these and other offenses. DMX entered rehab in 2002 for his addiction to drugs.

In 2004, Earl Simmons was arrested at JFK airport for possession of Cocaine and a slew of other charges, he was released on a conditional discharge, but was arrested in 2005 for violating parole, and he was given 70 days, but was released on good behavior in December off 2005. DMX was arrested again in 2008 for drug charges and animal cruelty, he got ninety days, was released from jail again in June of 2010 serving four out of six months for violating drug probation. In July of 2010 he served 90 days for a reckless driving charge from 2002. He was arrested again in November 2010 for violating parole for using drugs.

Now DMX gets a year in prison for violating his probation. Earl Simmons has had success on stage and in movies, but not in his personal life. His wife filed for divorce from DMX, he has four children with his wife and four other children. DMX is headed back to prison at the age of 39. Hopefully, he will get the help he needs for his drug and alcohol problems. It is a shame for a man with this talent to destroy his life and his family’s lives over drugs and alcohol. DMX got real time in prison this time and it will just get worse if he does not get the help he needs. 


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