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Advantages Of Heating

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For a long time heating was discredited as a more expensive alternative to heating (interesting, but little known fact is that the Dutch term is Verwarming) with oil and gas. However, this changed and now it is offered at reasonable prices. Although investments for thermal distribution systems are quite high, variable costs have risen so sharply in recent years compared with those of the heating systems of oil and gas. Axel Gedashko attributes this to the blended fuel, which generates heat in Hamburg: “This mixture is based mainly on coal and gas. In recent years, the price of gas rose sharply. If we are to meet the current expenditures, citizens must understand the need for power plants running on coal. Fatenfal plans to replace an old plant in Hamburg, working on coal, with more modern facility. In our city this project has not been without its critics, but because of the commitment of the German Federal Government for not using nuclear power we have to grit our teeth and allow for the energy to come from plants running on coal in the future, subject to significantly enhance process cogeneration. “He immediately said, however, the positive:” Less cooling water goes into the Elbe, and more goes to heat-distribution networks. And this is a very good idea. ”

Heating also contributes to climate protection: a replacement based on oil or gas heating will save an average of 0.7 tons of CO2 emissions per household per year. Therefore, heating is very effective way to save significant amounts of CO2.

Cogeneration and small power consumption

If you ask Axel Gedashko about his opinion on the relationship between heating and development of new energy sources such as wind, biomass and solar energy, he will point out that our first priority must be primarily the consumption of the least energy.”Hamburg is first of all 16 federal states, which adopted the Law on climate protection. It statesthat any new building must spend 30 percent less energy than allowed by federal law. We complement the law to include existing buildings: Our goal is to achieve isolation of the roofing structure and single glazed windows should be replaced with double-glazed. Reducing energy consumption is the best way to reduce our impact on the environment. ”

“The second point is the mixed energy: At the moment we are building a new neighborhood here in Hamburg,HafenSiti, which extends on 150 hectares and is located on the banks of the Elbe, next to City Hall. We have organized an auction with bids from across Europe for heating of this neighborhood based on the combined energy, including alternative sources. I believe the future belongs to it. Take hot water, for example, it can be heated by solar energy. Moreover, we installed a large repository for fuel for energy supply to HafenSiti. It comes down to combining.

“Now everything depends largely on energy producers not to abuse their market positions. In Germany, we have a regulatory system for electric and gas networks. We need something similar for heating.’’

As you can see in Germany, there are already ideas of how to reduce the consumption of energy. Remember that it depends on all of us to help the environment and our pockets.


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