Thursday, December 14

Why Should You Buy The Burger Buddy?

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But, does that mean weight watchers can’t have tasty low fat burgers? It is assuredly not so. Now you can have as many burgers as you like. The hamburger press is just what you are looking for. In case you are not familiar with the concept of a press, it is basically a device that helps you to convert fatty hamburgers into low fat hamburgers.

The meat is placed in the press and pressure is applied on it. The device drains all the fat and oil out of the meat without hampering its taste. People have the common misconception that low cal; low fat food is bland and tasteless. In this case, not only does the meat taste good but all sorts of contaminants are also removed. Meat which is not pressed usually contains the following contaminants:

1.Pesticides and fertilizers.

2.Meat which is re-frozen has a lot of contaminants.

3.Old meat if grilled can produce harmful carcinogens.

4.Rancid fat is produced if the meat is kept too long in the freezer.

5.Bacteria which is not destroyed during cooking.

6.Various types of water soluble contaminants.

This unique press is not just limited to hamburgers. It can also be used to reduce fat from sausages, steaks, bologna, and bacon. Studies have shown that it can reduce almost 50% of the fat from the meat. Hot water is used to dissolve the fat and contaminants that are present in the meat. You can also be creative and add wine, beer or liquid steak sauce to the water that will be put in the press. These seasonings will accentuate the taste even more.

Looking to buy a burger press ? is the right place for you. Their Burger Buddy Fat Reducer is patented and has also been tested by the United States Army. This device is indeed unique as it does not require much effort to operate unlike other kitchen utensils such as a potato masher. The burger press can also be termed as an insurance policy for healthy eating. No longer do you have to stick to greasy and fatty hamburgers!


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