Friday, December 15

Scrap Basket Making

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#2 round reeds                   

#3 round reeds                   

1/4 flat reed

6″ round, wood base, drilled with 22 holes


#2 – 22 stakes at 9″ long you can get away with 8″ long if necessary.

Note: #2rr or #3rr can be used as stakes

1/4 F or FO can be used as weavers

Any and all colors can also be used, remember this is made with scraps.


Wet your stakes. Place one stake in each hole. Let 2″ extend through the bottom all the way around. Now, take the 2″ ends and go over 1 behind 1, all the way around. When finished pull each stake for a snug fit.


Take #3rr and do 3 rows of triple weave. To triple weave, start three pieces of #3rr, one behind each of the three consecutive spokes. Begin with the furthermost weaver on the left; it goes in front of two spokes then behind the next spoke and to the outside of the basket. Drop back to the first weaver on the left once more, it goes over two and behind one and out. Keep repeating this until you have gone around the basket 3 times.

Step-up after each row of triple weave: When your lead weaver on the right hand side is in front of the first of the three original spokes you started behind, you must do a step-up to end the row. To do the step-up, you work from the right to the left. Take the lead weaver and go in front of 2 spokes, behind one spoke and bring the weaver to the outside of the basket. Working again from the right to the left (which will now be your middle weaver), take the weaver on the right, weaver over two spokes, behind one spoke and to the outside of the basket. Repeat this with the last weaver. When you finish the step-up you should be behind your original starting spokes once more.

You will end and cut your weavers when they are behind the same three spokes you originally started behind.

Weave with 1/4″ F 13 rows of start and stop. Start with your weaver over 1 stake ending behind 1 stake. 

Take #3rr and do 3 rows of triple weave, stepping up after completing each row.


Take the top of your stake bend it to the right and tuck it into the same space as the stake next to it. You will need at least 1 inch left at the top to do this. Make sure you press the top (now rounded) down for a tight fit. You may have to trim so the stake will not stick out of the bottom of the triple weave.

Additional Note:

If you will like it, you can add balls as feet on the base of the basket for a nice look.


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