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The Best And The Worst Foods in Your Tummy

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You often have gas bloating, diarrhea, and constipation, these common issues when you have a problem with your stomach. Also, neglected hair, like brittle looking can cause low energy levels in your tummy.

You should try having a good diet to have a healthy system. If you eat well then you will feel well too. The way you eat affects your bodies but we don’t often think about that. If you  don’t chew and swallow your food properly your cells don’t get what is required. 

The gastrointestinal tract fights the diseases in our immune system, most of our immune system is in our digestive tract, so this is an important part our wellness, and happiness. 

Worst Foods for your gut

Red meat, if you have more of red meat you are at  a higher risk of colorectal cancer, because it is high in saturated fats, and consuming too much of meat can lead to many other illnesses too, and doesn’t digest well if eaten late at night.

To avoid this kind of fats, eat more lean stuff, stick to legumes with when having red meat in small portions, more vegetables the with your meals. Processed meats, too are full of saturated fats, with this you can get colon cancer, have in moderation and have more legumes with this kinds of foods.

Hydrogenated oils, this is transfats, when warm is in liquid and become solid when in room temperature, but this is not good for you causes, colon cancer, and cholesterol levels are increased this kind of fats are sold in local stores.  Eat fresh foods forget about the processed foods.

Gluten, found in barley and other starchy foods like pasta and rye this causes digestion problems, which includes headaches, joint pains, and depression.  The only way is to stay away from this foods a challenging step but has to be done.

Lactose, avoid milk, you can’t give up all dairy products but some can be sensitive to your tummy.

The Best Foods

Dietary fibre, foods like this goes into your system and comes out easily, prunes is a great idea, you don’t want food stuck in your system because this causes other health problems.

You must have bowel movement because if you don’t have one then your body is keeping wastes that you don’t need, it is like getting out your daily garbage and when you don’t you know what happens.

Dietary foods avoid colon cancers and you feel good too.

Yogurt, some of our body weight comes from the bacteria that live  in our tract, by eating yogurt your tummy has a calm effect.

Lentils, as bacteria in a our tract increases very fast and need food once they reach the intestines, lentils is great for our diet in this way, a d good substitute for red meat as it is high in protein and has iron content.

Gluten-free foods, try Quinoa a good option.

Fermented foods, sourdough is a great substitute for wheat bread, digests well, and don’t forget to have water at least eight glasses, without water you are not able to digest your foods.

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