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Kate Middleton – Build up to The Proposal

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Kate Middleton’s story is the story of a middle class girl marrying her prince.  She is an elegant girl with a lot of dignity and self control.  She is one of 3 children of Michael Francis Middleton and Carole Elizabeth Middleton who both worked in the commercial air force.  They later founded a mail order company called Party Pieces that sells party supplies and decorations.  Kate’s grand-parents had worked in the mining industry.

Kate is English with distant Scottish and French ancestors.  She went to a co-educated independent school in Wiltshire followed by St. Andrews in fife to study the history of art where she got a 2:1(Hons).  She met Prince William here as house mates and they became friends and later fell in love.  At St. Andrews they were protected from the press but as when they left and moved to London their relationship was covered intensely by the media which put stress on the relationship and Kate especially didn’t like.  Kate became a junior buyer at jigsaw and Prince William began hist military training.

Kate is very stylish and is often featured in magazines.  On many occasions she is voted into the top 10 best dressed women.

Kate started joining Prince William’s family on holidays and she was presented to the Queen.  Rumours were rife that the couple were soon to announce their engagement.  But then came the shock news that the couple had broken up.  It was reported that Prince William wanted to enjoy his bachelor life and felt hat he was too young to marry at 24.  The couple stated that they were ‘just good friends’.  The relationship seemed to have finished but gradually they were seen out at a few social events, for example the concert for Diana at Wembley stadium where they sat a few rows apart.  Kate attended some of Prince Williams RAF events but the couple conducted their relationship out of the media spotlight amongst many rumours they were back together.  The press was often highly critical of her family.

Kate gave up her job at Jigsaw and went to work for her parents that gave her more flexibility to join Prince William on foreign holidays, outings and family events.  Their relationship was rekindled and in November 2010 Clarence House confirmed that Kate and Prince William were engaged and set to marry in 2011.  Prince William had proposed on holiday in Kenya.

Kate has received Diana’s diamond and sapphire engagement ring as Prince William would like Diana to have a role at the wedding.  Kate will always be measured against Diana and it is up to Kate to make her own destiny as a Princess.   She could choose a quieter family life you choose a high profile life style similar to Diana with all the designer outfits and parties and causes.  Kate is older than Diana when she gets married and she has a long time to consider the implications of marrying a Royal.

They are going to get married in Westminster Abbey on the 29th April 2011.  Prince William will receive his dukedom as customary and Kate will assume the title of that dukedom.

Kate next has to choose her dress which will present may social, political and financial questions especially in today’s climate.


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