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Become a Teaching Assistant – Start a New Career

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If you love working with children and take great joy from helping underachieving kids reach their goals then a career as a teaching assistant could be ideal for you.

A teaching assistant (sometimes referred to as a Classroom assistant) is an individual that aids the main class teacher usually with students who aren’t coping with a particular subject matter. Alternatively the classroom assistant will have the responsibility of taking care of any children with special education needs.

The classroom assistant is invaluable to the class teacher because they can take the children who are slowing the rest of the class down (due to their special education needs) out of the classroom and give them individual attention. This enables the teacher to continue teaching the rest of the children who are slightly more au fete with the subject matter, while enabling the children with special education needs to receive the one on one attention that will enable them to catch up with their peers.

If you wish to become a teaching assistant you will have to achieve the relevant NVQ qualifications. The qualification can be achieved through a mixture of studying and work experience. You will be assed at the end of your training usually by providing a portfolio of your work plus testimony from any teachers or experts that have observed you during your training period. The length of time that it takes to become a fully qualified teaching assistant varies depending upon whether you opt to train full or part time. If you dedicate all your available time to training you should be qualified within 6 months to a year, however if you take the part time option it could take double the amount of time.

Once qualified you will be free to apply for any teaching assistant or learning support assistant roles. The age group which you opt to teach is entirely up to you. Your qualifications will allow you to work with children of both primary and secondary school age. The qualification can also enable you to apply for some social care and youth work roles.

If you decide that this career option is something you would like to investigate further complete a search online for “become a classroom assistant”. You will find a great many course providers nearby to you. Simply select the one that feels right for you and start on your way to a successful and rewarding career.

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