Monday, December 18

Tips to Plan a Tea Party

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All that needs is serving tea, which leaves you plenty of time to enjoy your guests. The party could be made up of a small, intimate number of friends or dozens of people. It can be casual or it can be very formal and elegant.

  1. Select a date and send out your invitations at least a week before.

  2. If it is for special occasion, think of a theme or colors to go with it.

  3. Is there a gift you’d like your guests to take home with them?

  4. Plan what sort of tea should be gracing the afternoon.

  5. Make sure you have proper tea sets and accessories.

  6. Check out the menu or recipes. Include both savory and sweets.

  7. Plan for beautiful table setting with a lovely rose centerpiece.

  8. Brew and serve a proper pot of tea.

  9. Make it a point to mingle around, relax and enjoy with all your guests.

Always remember to try to stay relax. Do not handle everything yourself. Let friends and family do some helping hands. If that is not enough, hire professionals. Problems are bound to develop, keep your sense of humor when they do. If you hire entertainment, make sure you see the performers before hiring them.

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