Tuesday, December 12

Kids Needs to Learn to Keep Their Room Clean

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You need to show your kid on how to lay the bed-sheet or comforter over his pillow and bolster. You can also seat his favorite cuddly toy on top as for the finishing touch.


It is better to have some low shelves for your kids to store their toys rather than having a box. With toys on low shelves, your kid can easily take out what he wants to play with and put it back when he had decided to stop playing. Tape pictures of the toys on the shelves to help him put them back in specific spots. If using a box, he will have to empty the whole box just to find the toy that he wants, which could be frustrating for him.


Set them on shelves, using covered boxes as separators. Divide them by theme. For example: adventure, fairy tales, school stories and etc. Magazines could be placed on a separate shelf.


Set a laundry basket in a corner of your kid’s room and keep reminding him to place his dirty clothes into the basket. At first it may sound difficult but after a few days, he will understand and will follow it.

Cars and action toys

Little kids love these miniature toys. Store them neatly together in a plastic container with sturdy handles for easy carrying. You might have to help your kid to carry the box and store away on the shelf or in the cupboard if it is too heavy for him.

Blocks, puzzles and games

Use old bath towels to make attractive storage bags for blocks. Sew the sides and the bottom edges together and thread in ribbons at the mouth to tie up the bag. Hang those bags up and teach your kids to put blocks in those bags. As for puzzles, color the back with the same color, for the same puzzles that go together. The colors will help your kids in grouping the right pieces together. You can always use empty tissue paper boxes for as for storage those items.

Hope your kids will enjoy these new ways for storing their things to keep their room clean and tidy.


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