Friday, December 15

How to Become More Productive

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Focus on one thing at a time (even Warren Buffett said this when he was asked what’s his secret to success). Do not multi-task! Multi-tasking lowers your IQ more than smoking marijuana. This is because when you multi-task you are actually not doing two things at once, but switching one to another back and forth. So let go of the idea that multi-tasking is efficient because it’s not. Stop letting people, things, and yourself distract or interrupt you. If your friends or family are distracting you, tell them to stop or go somewhere else. If your email is distracting you, get off your email. If your Myspace ( or Facebook ( is distracting you, get off of it.

Get all the issues in your life handled. Such as fights with your lover, family, friends, co-workers, etc. This will cause you to think about it all the time and distract you. Apologize to your lover, family, friends, co-workers, etc. if you need to. Whatever the issues are, just get rid of it before it gets rid of you. So start solving your problems today!

Eat the best breakfast possible in the morning. Never say you don’t have time for breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day, even though other meals are important as well. So start your day right by eating the best breakfast you can. Your meal should include: grain, fruits, veggies, dairy, & nuts/fish/meat. You should also drink a big glass of water before you eat anything to clean your body. Exercise (especially cardio exercise) the first thing in the morning.

Take clean breaks when working. Do not work too hard! Take time to do things you enjoy such as hanging out with family members, friends or traveling. If you work on something concentrating on it more than 2 hours, that’s too much. Take a break every hour by either taking a walk, jog, or just get some fresh air.

Structure and plan your routines on what’s important to you, especially what to do in the morning. What’s in the morning is important because it’s the start of your day. If you start off happy and energetic you will most likely be happy and energetic throughout the day. If you start off depressed or cranky you will most likely be depressed or cranky throughout the entire day. If you’re running a business, create a routine to do the most important things first before you do anything else. If you’re still in school, create a routine to do what’s most important first before you go hang out with your friends. You can plan it down by writing it on paper or notepad. Whichever way you choose, remember to plan ahead always.


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