Tuesday, December 12

Avoid Consuming Seafood Under The Threat of Extinction

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The Food And Agriculture Organization estimated that 80% of our world’s fish stocks are exploited  beyond sustainable levels. It is time to wake up and not support the unethical and cruel methods of fishing because they are damaging our ecosystems permanently.

Tuna(Bluefin, Yellowfin, Bigeye) Origin: Global

To satisfy the demand for the sushi market in Japan, the Tuna are severely over fished. Another big blow for the Tuna was when the 48-nation International Commission  for Conservation of the Atlantic Tuna turned down the plea to reduce the the number of catch so that the species can replenish.

Sharks(Hammerhead, Blue Shark) Origin: Columbia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, New England

Shark’s fins soup is a favourite delicacy in Chinese restaurants but know that 100 million sharks are killed every year to feed the market.  The shark’s fins are sliced from the shark and the carcass are thrown back into the sea. The threat is becoming serious because the shark populations in the world are in danger of collapsing.

Salmon Origin: North Atlantic, Pacific Ocean, North America

The salmon populations in the world have declined by 50% in the last 20 years. The main causes are due to overfishing and disease spread by cross contamination of farmed salmons. Warmer climate have also contributed to the decline of the salmon populations.

Stingray(Sharpnose, Red Stingray) Origin: Pacific Ocean

Another severely over fished species that are unintentionally caught by coastal bottom trawl fishing or set nets. Stingray populations have depleted enormously and are now at a critical level.

Grouper(Redmouth, Malabar) Origin: Indonesia

Apart from being over fished by small-scale commercial fishermen, the Grouper are also affected by the loss of coral reefs which is its habitat.

Crabs(Flower crab, Horseshoe crab) Origin: South East Asia and South China Sea

Unregulated fishing of the Flower crabs in the South China Sea have depleted the species to unsustainable levels. The horseshoe crab found in South East Asia are also being over exploited by the pharmaceuticals industry. The crab species is also under pressure because of the loss of habitat.

Prawns/Shrimp(Tiger prawn, Mantis shrimp) Origin: Malaysia, Thailand

Tiger prawns and shrimps are being over fished in mangrove areas. 40% of mangrove areas around the world are lost because of prawn farming. Not only that the prawns may disappear, the extensive changes in the environment would also affect the ecological systems in the area.


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