Friday, December 15

Benefits of Salads

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The fast pace of the modern world let us have no proper time for ourselves and therefore we miss out on the various brighter sides of life. Including salads into our daily diet is one such thing which most of us miss out as we either don’t have time to prepare salads or we are just not bothered. But a revelation of the nutrient facts and benefits of consuming salads on a daily basis may change one’s outlook on salads completely.

Salads consisting of green leafy vegetables provide ample nutrients and also health benefits like preventing various types of cancers, maintaining younger looking skin, maintaining healthy weight, increasing life longevity and many more. Green leafy vegetables being the staple food at every home remain available at any time.

The most important fact about green vegetable salads is that these are taken raw and when green vegetables are consumed in the raw form one gets the optimum levels of health benefits unhampered with excess cooking. It can be really fun and exciting to complement one’s diet with a plateful of colorful, healthy combination of salads. The more colorful and varied the salad is the more nutritious and healthy will it be. Including vegetables like carrots, beetroot, turnips, sprouts, squash, sweet potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber and so on can make the salad both tempting and healthy as well.

Salad means having the vegetables raw; which actually means taking food in its most natural form thereby adding roughage which keeps bowel movements and intestinal tracts healthy. The most essential nutrients provided by salads are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, folic acid, manganese etc. Therefore green salads become a powerhouse of essential nutrients which keep the body well functioning and creates immunity towards various diseases. Making the salad more conspicuous with olives, nuts and salad dressings make the salad healthier as these provide monounsaturated fatty acids which actually create healthy fat within the body. Weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight becomes easier with daily salad consumption as it gives full bulky diet yet remains low on calorie intake. One can also keep experimenting with salads to avoid boredom by adding various different types of vegetables and other healthy foods in their natural forms like sweet corn, various fruits, etc.

Therefore find a healthier self by taking a plateful of different type of salad everyday!


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