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Getting Started Finding Money From Squidoo

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Some people have been success to collect money from Squidoo. They just dozen Squidoo but they can stream income from Adsense, Amazon, eBay, and more. They can get hundreds dollar or thousand dollars in a month.

I believe you can also make money at the website too. In this article, I explain the steps to find money from Squidoo.

1. Sign up or register at Squidoo. It is easy and free. Validate the e-mail. Write an attractive profile for your account. Explain that you are an expert in certain subjects.

2. Create content about anything. Write a relevant content with the product.

3. Create dozen squidoo lens. Connect each lens. You can create a lens everyday. In a year, you will have 300 lens. 

4. Add commercial modules like Amazon and eBay. Display the products that is relevant wiith your lens. For Example, You can promote book about blogging a at squidoo lens about blogging.

5. Promote your lens with bookmark such as digg, stumble upon, delicious, and others. Spread the links with social networking such as facebook, myspace, and others. You cannot ignore social network that able to

6. Submit your lens to social bookmark that share revenue such as, infopirate. com,,,, and else. Some lensmaster can generate few dollars from those website.

7. Sell your book or e-book through squidoo. You can put review of your book here. Write some articles that has some suject with your book.

8. Create some stuff such as sticker, bumper sticker, clock, mouse pad, hat, T-Shirt, mug, tie. and more. You should have a nice picture. Take a nice photo and put it at the stuff. You can create logo with graphic design software.

Use Zazzle modules or Cafepress Modules to promote your stuff.

Join Squidoo here

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