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Exploring The Flinders Ranges of South Australia

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One of the biggest mountain ranges of Australia, the Flinders Ranges of South Australia provide a few of the most beautiful panoramic views from about a dozen diverse viewpoints inside the 430km location. Crammed with stunning regions for exploration and appreciation for the natural globe, it is one of the best places to visit and discover concerning the region background, ancient art and a opportunity to sit again and enjoy the setting sun from behind the mountains. To truly embrace the surrounding atmosphere, there are various distinct places to mark and go to to be able to truly have a complete and memorable expertise.

Ikara and Old Wilpena Station

One of essentially the most substantial pastoral heritage sites, Old Wilpena Station is among the most nicely preserved sites throughout Australia. Just a short stroll from Wilpena Pound Resort, it provides a glimpse in to the culture and creative world of the historical Adnyamathanha tribes from the Flinders Ranges. Also recognized as Ikara or The Assembly Place, this region displays a few of the most nicely preserved Indigenous art perform and offers info of culturally significant occasions all through the area’s history.

Stokes Hill Lookout

Only a fast turn off the Hawker-Blinman Street on the way to Blinman, take a second to discover the beautiful view of Mt Patawarta along with the string of ranges that encompass the Flinders region by heading out to the Stokes Hill Lookout. Understand the historic Aboriginal dreamtime legends whilst sitting back to admire the setting sun along with the magical transition toward thecrystal clear evening sky.

Witness The Spirit of Endurance

Made world famous from Harold Cazneaux’s photograph named “The Spirit of Endurance”, this Australian red gum tree is also recognizedas the Cazneaux Tree. Rich in spiritual background and excellent significance to the pure globe, this tree is genuinely a great sight to behold. Towering higher on the platform of arid rock paired with a backdrop from the stunning Flinders Ranges of South Australia, this outstanding red gum tree is a image of power and lifestyle. Just as Cazneaux was taken aback by such a fantastic sight, take a moment to admire the beauty and loneliness of the Spirit of Endurance.

Flinders Ranges of South Australia



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