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Accommodation in The Flinders Ranges South Australia

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For anyone who is planning a trip and searching for high-quality accommodation in the Flinders Ranges South Australia, there’s certainly one region that has a number of boarding models to guests who happen to be looking for adventure, relaxation and fun. Ideal for any vacation period, holiday spending budget or hobbies, there is undoubtedly something meant for absolutely everyone, including the ability to explore new wonders of the natural world.

Located about 200 km North West of Adelaide within the Flinders Ranges, there’s a simple place so historic and astonishing that it appears untouched by anything of the modern day world. With some of the most outstanding examples of wildlife and plant life, the Wilpena Pound Resort is definitely the only one available around the 430km region. The massive resort area offers room for both powered or unpowered camping or staying in one of the 60 individual rooms offered. Fully equipped to offer every comfort from the modern world while encompassed by a landscape that had been carved out 100’s of years ago, Wilpena is known as a perfect getaway for anybody looking for exploration and tranquility.

To the adventure seekers, there are lots of hiking trails offered that lead to areas brimming with beautiful views of mountains and some of the more famous heritage places among the local tribes of Adnyamathanha. Catch a peek at ancient artwork that dates back centuries and discover the history of long since forgotten towns, stations and exploration areas that once flourished with life. For guests that are in search of those incredible attractive views from high in the sky, choosing among the numerous Wilpena flight tours is the best option. Fly over the clouds while admiring the breathtaking vistas of the famous mountain ranges; overlook the abundant valleys, magnificent lakes, plus the regal gum trees that happen to be sprinkled all over the Flinders Ranges National Park.

For guests who’re looking for fun and exploration, there are plenty of treks and tours to choose from, while back at the resort, there’s a cool and welcoming pool waiting for any one to take a dip and let their worries wash away. To feel fairly spoiled and needing enough time to sit back and relax, Wilpena Pound also has an excellent restaurant and bar to serve delightful dinners combined with fine Tasmanian beers and white or red wines. Flinders Ranges South Australia



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