Monday, December 11

Fabulous IN Your 40S

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CHECK UP. Refer to a doctor and must choose the best internist or primary care doctor, and get a regular physical exam every two (2) years before age forty (40) and every year after that. Numbers of women consign their care to their gynaecologists until their first serious illness.

GET BUSY. Sex is a physiological need of individuals and a life-giving force that is so significant at all ages. But it does not disappear when you hit forty (40). Your partners must be carefully chosen, and you must always have protected sex unless they are fully known. Further, don’t think that because you’re over forty (40) you can’t get pregnant. Lastly, masturbation is normal and a healthy addition to your sex life.

SPEAK UP. Let your doctor identify if you are not going to take the prescription or acquire the examination she suggested. Doctors can’t drag their patients to test, but doctors would like to suggest a list and be alert of what they are eager to do.

KEEP IT REAL. Do not choose a cosmetic procedure unless you are well alert of the danger and benefits of that surgery. And remember: People must respond to charm more than appearance.

WORK OUT. Regular exercise is shown to decrease the risk for heart failure, develop cardiovascular conditioning, relieve tension, keep weight down, and promote bone health by guarding against thinning of the bone, or osteoporosis. Core strength is significant for balance. Most of the people fall because of weakness, and their walking is firm and awkward. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring; one of the patients does salsa dancing.


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