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The Best Way to Lose Weight – Ultimate Ways Exposed

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The trouble starts when it comes to applying these principles, to resist hunger and not grow weary, they pass a few days of slaughter. To succeed in this way, everyone has their personal tricks that were born of his experience. Here are a few tips provided by doctors and dietitians, and ex-fat people who managed to lose weight. If anyone is not effective, we must bear in mind that all bodies are not equal

  1. Force yourself to eat sitting down. When he does standing or walking quickly, ingested more food. 

  2. Do not eat fast, chew well, if you do, you will feel full sooner and with less food.And never again! 

  3. Whenever possible, market after eating, so you have less temptation to buy things that are fattening.

The best way to lose weight


  1. Before buying food to make a detailed list of things you need and stick to it. 

  2. After each meal is recommended to rest for 15 minutes and then walk for three quarters of an hour. An activity after a meal burn enough calories. 

  3. To feed the hungry at midmorning a handful of prunes, a cup of skim milk or a mini-sandwich with wholemeal bread is the best choice. 

  4. If the average nine or afternoon snack eat an apple or prunes or dried apricots or other fruit to fool the stomach, it is good to keep the last portion in your mouth for a while. 

  5. While eating, they should not perform other activities such as watching TV or reading, in this way you can concentrate on the taste and enjoy every bite. We tend to eat more when you’re mechanically. 

  6. When eating, it is advisable to rest your covered every three bites you eat. Break the rhythm by feeding and forced to eat less. 

  7. Cook only the amount needed for each meal and refrigerate what you do not eat.

  8. You have to eat only two dishes at each meal: meat and passenger and a little cheese or fruit. 

  9. Divide the lunch and dinner in two parts. First eat the main meal (meat, vegetables and pasta or rice) and salad. Two hours later, cheese or fruit, or both. The best way to lose weight


  10. Enjoy every bite as if it were the most exquisite caviar. Eat small amounts and slowly savor. Another resource: imagine that rationed food and every bite is the last.

  11. With small amounts of food can satisfy your appetite. Try a hard boiled egg, a piece of cheese and a salad. Some morsels of bread are also used to relieve hunger. 

  12. After each meal must sit for at least a quarter of an hour to bring the feeling of having all distraught. A meal eaten in a hurry, does not satisfy. 

  13. They should eat at times when you burn more calories. Chronobiology teaches that assimilation and dissimilation of the body varies by time of day. It is best to ease the food more than the breakfast, if you eat before going into business, spends calories. This does not happen if you eat before going to sleep.The best way to lose weight

Resources to trick appetite-The best way to lose weight

  1. Before each meal drink a glass of water. This gives you the feeling of fullness. 

  2. It is better to take half a glass of orange juice with mineral water. Thus providing better sense of society and contains fewer calories. 

  3. When watching television, instead of “bite” things to get fat, eat a salad of lettuce, cabbage and artichoke, leaf by leaf.  The best way to lose weight


  4. A nice resource is to prepare ice water mint, vanilla, strawberry … and taste it if you feel like eating. 

  5. When you feel uncontrollable desire to eat fattening foods, you better have a slice of cheese with bread, a cracker. 

  6. Before attending a cocktail, dinner or other meeting tempting, it’s best not to eat a boiled egg as advised so many diets, but a yogurt. This decreases your appetite. 

  7. Not be squeezed oranges to make juice. It is best eaten in chunks. It is very easy to drink the three oranges instead, not eat them. The best way to lose weight


  8. Start meals with a bit of protein (can be meat, cheese, chicken) and a cup of clear vegetable, chicken or beef defatted, which can be prepared every three or two days. After ingestion, eating much less 

  9. A good resource for the perfect rich flavor without fat is to prepare sherbet orange, tangerine or grapefruit and clothe them in the drawers of ice. When frozen you can get one at a time. 

  10. Also can be frozen coffee ice cubes and crushed the same way then to serve in a big glass. 

  11. We suggest starting the meal with the cheese to overwhelm the appetite. 

  12. It is good to keep in the refrigerator pickles. When you are hungry, cut some slices and eat slowly, tasting. 

  13. If you can not withstand the desire to eat chocolate eat them, but at the end of the meal or with bread. Fat eating only twice. 

  14. Drink two or three glasses of water before each meal. Not so much to fill the stomach but in the blood to dilute the substance that stimulates the appetite.

Mini-economies of calories.

  1. For the grilled meat can be cooked for a long time without drying out, spread with mustard. No oil. 

  2. To ease the omelette, beat the eggs with a little water (1 / 2 tablespoon per egg) and obviously it without fat. 

  3. Not suitable damping roasts its own substance, which is fat, but with broth or water. 

  4. Do not wrap meat and poultry, bacon, sausages do. 

  5. In the vegetable-based soups and potatoes replace the zucchini, which did not alter its pleasant taste. 

  6. To heat the food without sticking to the pot or pan, put in the background a little water or wine instead of any fat. 

  7. For breakfast cereals is advisable to select “volume” as puffed wheat or corn flakes, muesli best rates that are substantially heavier. 

  8. For the sandwiches never use bread or buns squishy around the filling. 

  9. A tortilla trick is valid for a whole egg and three clear, instead of two whole eggs. 

  10. To get used to drinking coffee or tea without sugar can be eaten while drinking, a green apple or a glass of water. 

  11. When not sweeten the coffee with sugar, do it with peppercorns. He accentuates the aroma. 

  12. If you can not refuse a drink, it’s best to mix it with carbonated water or soda and some ice cubes. 

  13. Make sweet honeyed apple, no sugar. This fruit has the advantage that it contains 15 percent sugar. They are delicious by adding a little cinnamon.The best way to lose weight

  14. For vinaigrettes regime, where the oil is replaced by a dairy product, yogurt is preferred. For more flavor, add cider vinegar.

  15. If you can not do without fruit juice at breakfast, take the grapefruit because its acidity helps to eliminate toxins.

  1. Chewing gum with sugar should be rejected early in the salivary secretions that is contained sugar. If it does well, is eating the equivalent of two sugar cubes. 

  2. To lighten the ice must be added a bit of gelatin, which is a super protein with fewer calories. 

  3. To simmer the meat is good to place in the bowl a couple of pieces of bacon with the fat side down. Thus, no sticks. 

  4. Keep in the refrigerator a fat tomato sauce, hot or cold for use in various dishes.You can do it with a kilo of chopped tomatoes. Place in a pan with chopped onion, a clove of garlic, four bay leaves, a sprig of thyme and a half of sugar lumps. It adds a pinch of salt, pepper and half a glass of water. This simmer for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally. Before serving crushed. 

  5. The salads are prepared with olive oil. To be thicker and stronger flavor using less quantity. 

  6. When making mayonnaise, oil substitute two egg yolks, hard cooked, pureed in a blender and mixed with a slice of cheese, lemon juice, basil and pepper. The best way to lose weight


  7. If you eat pizza, shrink the tubing with some of these ingredients, legumes, onions, peppers, mushrooms or peppers. 

  8. When preparing roast should not use a nonstick skillet. In the ordinary, the surface is browned, very tasty. 

  9. Cakes and pies can be made without fat with bread crumbs, milk, gelatin, egg white and nuts to give consistency. 

  10. A good resource for distracting hunger and thirst is always keep in the refrigerator one sliced watermelon. Is better than water because it fills more.

  11. One way to replace the melted butter in food cooked with water or steam, by putting cider vinegar or cold sauces (green, pink, tomato, herbs), green pepper and cheese. 

  12. No need to forgo the delights of the dessert, if you learn to sweetened with artificial sweeteners.


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