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All About Goes 720 Max

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The numbers never lie and the numbers gives us the firm does not leave room for doubt. Goes for the new Max 720 has been used not only high technology in its design, and many pieces of steel have been replaced by aluminum alloy, magnesium and lithium. Thus, 30% of its components are new and reducing weight by 37%., As in the traps of this ATV versus conventional using this type of industry.

Practical and functional

Their behavior is quite noble, both in acceleration and in skids, smoothly. In any field, its gearbox gives good performance even carrying a passenger, as being single cylinder engine offers a good torque. To select the transmission of the ATV, has joined an innovative keypad that, in the form of roulette, we can choose between 2 × 4, 4 × 4 and 4 × 4 blocked the front differential.

The latter system, although not new within the brand, it becomes essential to improve the capabilities of the 720 MAX, vital to tide in trialeras or large mudflats. Another curiosity is to see that no Override Button (taking away all boundaries of the reverse) but neither is missing, since the exchange is not short on when we back off an obstacle, backs, etc. The design firm that offers this new MAX is practical and functional. To do this, incorporating details like a glove with a key in the right front with space for documents or small valuables you want to be a safe place.

In addition, completing its cargo volume has two glove boxes in each tail fin, ideal for carrying large packages, such as water bottles, utensils, etc. However, they are exposed to splash and mud, as they have no cover and just have some elastic octopus that guarantee the perfect fit of the package. Under the seat, find another hole to hold more material. The idea is to try to exploit all possible gaps so that our objects are stored in the vehicle without having to place a bulky suitcase. The design also incorporates a dual 12V power outlet, really useful if you want to connect various accessories while, for example, GPS, auxiliary source or compressor.

Go equipment

The digital display offers all the necessary information and clearly. As new details that had not yet seen in any ATV on the market in a small section of the display are the engine temperature. The curious little details are not over, because this 720 has three parking brake: a block in one of the levers, a lever on the left lever type “YFZ” and the gear selector also has a parking position. The braking distributor is located in the front of the ATV near the wheel right, perhaps quite exposed to the stones that can jump, when the wheels are in motion.

The opening of the seat is made with the key in the ignition, with a shift to the left you can until removed.This idea, taken from road bikes, a good choice and is much safer than the rest of the ATV market. In the front, has a small hood which houses the radiator cap and fuse. Before its opening, has used an odd system and is required to enter a key on a skewer if you want to access it. The wheels and tires are high quality, but are the shock absorbers which do not contribute all that they should, especially the rear that offer little tour.

One thing to improve is the gear selector rod that is very exposed. Note that to view the engine oil level has a small porthole very useful addition to the traditional stick. In addition, it is right next to a shooter manual, that you can boot the ATV but you run out of battery, a very practical system on these vehicles.

The gas tank, how could it be otherwise, comes with a key to opening, holds 20 liters and is located behind the handlebars under the seat. We note that both the gas cap as the shift lever are made of carbon similarly decorated, very consistent with its modern aesthetic.

ATV Overall a pretty interesting and innovative applications incorporating not seen even in the most expensive ATV market. Is not to supersede any specific model of large displacements, but of course, is the cheapest two-seater ATV market with skills far superior to that offered by Goes so far. The vehicle would be recommended to the user who wants to enjoy a trip through the countryside in the company of a special person, without further claim to enjoy an ATV goes for all areas without any trouble.


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