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Hpv Vaccine Side Effects And End Controversy – Expert Disussion

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Medical Journal:The HPV vaccine vaccination rate in Germany is 35 percent left to be desired.Why?

Professor Achim Schneider: A key reason about hpv vaccine is surely that the women adequate references to HPV-induced disease have none. This is not just about the 6,000 women a year who get cervical cancer. It is also about the 150 000 women who received because of pre-cancerous lesions, so-called high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), a cone biopsy, as well as millions of women who had an atypical Pap smear and therefore live in fear, need a biopsy or closely monitored need to be. to consider is that women who had a cone biopsy on subsequent pregnancies are at increased risk of premature delivery. This issue is obviously for women not yet arrived.

Medical Journal:What can do anything about ladies and gentlemenin case of hpv vaccine ?

Schneider: I can only guess that they are young girls, young girls themselves, but all sexually active women about the risk of HPV infection (need hpv vaccine) and educate mothers to vaccinate should motivate the. In other countries this is already working much better. In Britain, the vaccination rate is about 85 percent in Australia is similar.

Medical Journal:The protection by HPV vaccination (hpv vaccine ) is current study data suggests that even stronger than previously thought …

Schneider: Yes. The HPV vaccine is under current study data more effectively than we thought three years ago. Due to the epidemiological data and the distribution of HPV types, we assumed that we CIN III, which is the direct precursor of cancer, probably through vaccination can prevent only 50 to 60 percent of cases. Now we know that we are 93 percent of the young girls who are not yet infected with HPV, can protect against CIN III, not only against HPV-16 or-18-associated lesions, but pre-cancerous lesions by any HPV type . The work on the cross-protection, good hpv vaccine.

Medical Journal:How high is the risk of cancer in CIN III?

Schneider: Statistically evolve – untreated – about 50 percent of CIN III in 30 years to an invasive carcinoma. But we must not forget that one in ten women with CIN III developed within only one or two years of invasive cervical cancer.

Medical Journal:Why have 13 researchers, the effectiveness of HPV vaccination (hpv vaccine ), so sharply criticized the?

Schneider: You have incorrectly interpreted the study data. In the study cited at that time was indeed occupied a total of only a decrease in the CiNii / III of 17 percent in the treatment group. The study, however, took some girls and women between the ages of 15 and 26 years, many of whom were already infected prior to vaccination with HPV(hpv vaccine ) and sexually active. In addition, the immunological response by this time was documented in only 36 months. We now know that the HPV vaccination in this cohort after 48 months observation period no less than 30 percent of all CIN-II/III prevented.

Medical Journal:The cheapest, it still appears to be to vaccinate young girls – hpv vaccine ?

Schneider: Yes. In young girls who were not sexually active, the cost-effectiveness of HPV vaccination is the best. But from a medical point of view, one that any woman who is sexually active, rates of vaccination. Thus, for example in women who were already infected, to prevent reinfection.

Medical Journal:What about the compatibility of the HPV vaccine?

Schneider: With the introduction of vaccination deaths in young girls and women between 15 and 25 closely monitored unexplained. Every two weeks the death of a girl or a woman of this age group in Germany of an inexplicable death. Since the HPV vaccine but it has been no increase. Regarding light and serious adverse effects, the spectrum as for hepatitis A vaccination.

hpv vaccine study and research continues.


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