Saturday, December 16

A Bench With More Than One Purpose

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The chairs were for dignified people while the benches were left for common people. People found out different ways of improving it by giving it backs, arms and legs. Because before the bench were like boxes. The benches were loved because more than one people can sit on it saving space. Or it can give the people who sit on it the feeling of togetherness therefore called a love seat!

The benches were first designated to hold people who play the piano together giving them comfort and relaxation during performance. These were box like to help the player, to keep their sheet inside so that they will not be lost. 

So the benefit of early benches were to be used in different ways, to be used like a bench at the same time like a storage box, the lid was the seater and could be removed and put back after the retrieval or the putting of what one wanted. Therefore those benches had no legs but the body also acted as a support for the seat. These kinds of benches also could be put at the window to support the window and act as storage at the same time. Permanent benches were upholstered on the seat by satin or just cotton, or sometime with leather to make it feel comfortable.

Now the benches are no longer used for indoors alone, they can be used outside to hold different things, like toys, hay, firewood, or just garden tools.  Outside benches have to be made from a more resistible wood. These should be varnished so that they can stand weather if they will not be under any shade. Most of the outside benches nowadays are made from plastic or from steel.

And by now the most used box benches are found in the children’s rooms where it is easier to put toys, to put baby blankets and also to be used for keeping clothes inside.

The storage benches are mostly used to store the clutter or to store items which are needed every day so that they can be reached easily. They can be used for a room where there is limited space to double up as a storage at the same time as a sit.

They can be found also in gardens, to keep the equipment inside; the current versions of benches are widely used in public places.  


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