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What Are The Features Of Samsung Hdtv?

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Engineers developed the television with help from modern technology and computers. Today, quality of the picture and sound on televisions has far surpassed all previous standards. Talking about the Samsung HDTV line and their features are a testament to that.

The Samsung HDTV – LN-S4692D is a TV with a 46-inch screen and an option called the dynamic contrast which gives you the pleasure to adjust the screen’s back light based on the light’s quality in the room.

In addition, the Samsung HDTV’s “S-PVA” feature allows you to watch the screen easily, no matter how you are angled while facing the TV.

However, all TVs need to reach 100 percent of the color array, at 92 percent, the Samsung HDTV LN-S4692D surpasses most of the televisions in the market today which are usually around 73 percent. So you can enjoy a highly rich television picture with this quality.

Another Samsung HDTV, the HPs5033 is a part of the new Samsung HDTV line. This Samsung HDTV has a feature – Gen-5 and it addresses the glare on a screen when in a room with bright lights. This way you can get a clear picture no matter how bright it is in the room. Samsung HPs5033 TV is able to display more than 549 billion colors so your picture will be very detailed!

An improvement has been made to the design also, and that should be pointed out. The Samsung HPs5033 A/V input is on the side of the TV so you can disconnect and connect without a hassle and don’t need to reach the back of the TV.

The sound quality on this model is very good and in addition comes with the the SRS Trusound XT. No matter where you are in the room, having that feature will enable you to get the same level of sound everywhere.

The Samsung TX-s27794 could be ideal for people who are concerned with space. This 27-inch screen TV can fit any small place within your room. Its size doesn’t interfere with the sound quality or the picture quality at all.

The new Samsung HDTV line, however, offers only a few models for use. There is no doubt that in the future Samsung will have a great range of models with new functions and features that will be the best what is made and offered today!


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