Thursday, December 14

The Mothers-In-Law: All Fall Down

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The Mothers-in-Law: All Fall Down is a pretty funny entry for this series.  It’s a little predictable, but it’s classic humor performed by excellent actors, so it works pretty well.

The Hubbards and the Buells aren’t the best of friends, but they have been forced to get along since their children married in the pilot episode.  Eve is a snappy, strong-will woman who faces off daily against Kaye, a feisty Italian.  Played by Eve Arden and Kaye Ballard respectively, the characters have some very funny moments.

In the episode, Kaye breaks her leg at a ski resort and sets off a chain reaction of injuries.  I just love watching her play the victim for a bit, letting Eve wait on her.

There’s a bit of a lawsuit action here that puts Eve’s husband (Herbert Rudley) into the mix.  However, before everything is said and done, the more boisterous Roger (Roger C. Carmel) ends up with a comedic end.

By the way, this was a 1967 show and the married couples did have a double bed, or at the very least, two singles pushed together.  Times were changing at last.

At any rate, there are some good laughs as the couples deal with the injuries and potential lawsuits.


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