Tuesday, December 12

3 Easy to Teach Dog Tricks

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To teach your dog tricks even easy ones you might want to have some small prize treats, be in a peaceful suitable place and maintain your training sessions to EIGHT – 15 minutes or the dog will start to have board, remember when he gets something right some praise and a pay back treat, just be careful to never get him over excited or he can loose concentration.

Getting your pet to give you his or her paw, first get your pet to sit, then when you say the word ‘paw’ receive your dogs paw within your hand, give the dog a delicacy, repeat this, after a few times do not take his paw so quickly, say the term, count to one then assume, you should notice they’re bringing his paw up because you say the word in the event that he does not settle for saying it concurrently, do it a couple of more times then slower your response again. After Two or three sessions most dogs pick this place up quite happily.

Your high five, like some tricks the high five is a progression of an previously trick, in this cast the paw trick. Hold a goody in your fingers along with raise your hand slightly more than you would for the paw trick. You dog will think you wish to do the paw trick and will reach for the treat along with his paw as we taught him earlier, as they reaches up you declare “high five” and give him the treat. Once your dog features mastered the paw trick this one should be very easy to master and with just a couple of sessions he will be doing the work on hand signal in lieu of voice control.

Getting your puppy to jump through your hoop, before you start this town I would just like to ask you in the form of little sensible and not offer the hoop too high as you may not want your dog in order to heart himself while undertaking the trick. Sit your puppy on one side on the hoola hoop, get the dogs consideration on your hand on the other side of the hoop require a treat in your hand and give the dog the command to release him in the sit, at first he may make an effort to go around or below the hoop, if the following happens start again, your puppy wants the treat all of which will soon learn that heading around or under doesn’t get it so he will soon start going by it, when he should say hoopla and offer him the treat. He can soon be jumping through the hoop on the order of hoopla. When I started accomplishing this trick I had some sort of medium sized dog (a Labrador) so I started with all the hoop 6 inches with the ground and slowly higher it to waist elevation, if you have a smaller dog you might even start with the baskeball hoop touching the ground and so the dog just goes over the hoop and then bit by bit raise it as he gets familiar with the trick.


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