Tuesday, December 12

Goodbye Bukisa

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A few days ago, Bukisa surprised all its members with their new earning system. They wanted all members to register at Google Adsense, and they can only earn through revenue system. With this new system, a writer will no longer earn from Unique visitors, but instead they will earn from the ads coming from Adsense that is automatically placed by Bukisa everytime you published an article. And you can only earn if those Adsense ads are click by your unique visitor. Another bad news is you need to reach $100 before you can withdraw that earning from Adsense.

I remember I wrote an article about “Sharing How Much Do We Earn Daily By Writing Article”, and most of the people I know who wrote for Bukisa can hardly earn a dollar a day. The one for particular earn as much as $8.00 a day, but he was banned in Adsense, and now that Bukisa is converting its earning to Adsense he will probably stop writing for the site, and his 300 articles are wasted.

Adsense is a good site to earn, but it is not for article writers. Article writers can hardly earn a dollar a day, and with Adsense, it will definitely fall to a fraction of a dollar. And with a minimum cash out balance of $100 (this is the minimum cash out balance of Adsense), article writers need to count years before reaching this.

I’d been a member of Bukisa since June 2010. I’d written 118 articles for this site, and just reach $10.00 earning just this December 2010 (Well, I guess I am a lousy writer). And I think this will be the last if they push through with this new earning policy. I don’t even have any idea if I can get this $10.00 earning that I have in this site.

Lastly, I don’t blame Bukisa for this. I think they are just trying to earn. We really don’t know why Bukisa do this, but I think they should consider also the people who work hard writing those articles that fill up this site. With this new policy coming this January 2011, if this push through, then it will a goodbye Bukisa for most senior article writers in here.

I do hope Bukisa will publish this article. This can be useful to find-out what other Bukisa writers’ opinion about this new Adsense policy.n article.


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