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Online Guide to York

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York England

York is a medieval city rich with history located in the northern part of England. Known for its beautiful architecture, charming paved streets, and the famous York Minister, York is a remarkable walled city that is located at the convergence of the Ouse and Foss Rivers. It is full of cultural heritage and legacy. York was founded in A.D 71 by the Romans. As Christianity spread throughout the area, it quickly became the spiritual center of England. In 866, after many failed attempts, the Vikings finally conquered the town and made it into their headquarters. They named the area Jorvik. 200 years later, the Normans appeared and completely destroyed the city. It was eventually reconstructed and the city was even more stunning than before. York is considered to be the head of the Church of England. The title of the Duke of York is customarily given to the second oldest son of the Monarchy. Today, York is a wonderful vacation spot if you want to spend some time with the family. Or many couples choose to take a romantic getaway in this exquisite city. Here is a list of the most popular attractions in York:

• Jorvik Viking Centre- This is the site that the Vikings occupied. There are over 800 historic archaeology discoveries here.

• York Minister- This is one of the biggest Gothic cathedrals in the world and has magnificent stained glass. It also has breath-taking views from atop the tower.

• Clifford’s Tower- This splendid castle was built by William the Conqueror to restrain the mutiny of northern rebels. It has been burned to the ground twice before finally being rebuilt by Henry III. The name comes from Roger de Clifford who was executed there for treason and hung in chains from the walls of the tower.

• National Railway Museum- This enormous railway museum is the largest in the world. The best part is that it is free!!!

• York Dungeon- During the 15 and 1600’s, thousands of people were burned at the stake for witchcraft. This new attraction is a terrifying show in which witches are burned to the ground in front of your eyes. It will scare the life out of you. This is not recommended for small children.

• Barley Hall- You can travel back in time in this little medieval museum of living history.

• Fairfax House- Considered one of the nicest townhouses in England.

• Merchant Adventurers Hall- This is the best kept medieval guild hall in the world. Admission is free!

• Treasurers House- Legend has it that York is a haunted city. This house, built over a Roman road, is said to be haunted.

• City Sightseeing Tours- You can catch all of the sights of York by taking tours in a bus, by the river on the Daytime City Cruise, or just by walking.

• Shows- York has theatres that offer live shows, ballets, dramas, and much more.

The city also hosts riverside gardens, which is a great spot to relax and enjoy a picnic. In addition, York offers an array of fantastic and luxurious accommodations for you to stay during your visit. There are townhouses, affordable hotels, or you could stay in a comfy bed and breakfast. Lodging is available in the heart of the city or if you prefer, on the peaceful countryside. York has everything to fit your preference and budget.

This remarkable city is an exciting place for people of all ages. York is a great location to spend a fantastic vacation with the people you love.  You can find pictures of York from a York Photographer.


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