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Facebook Seo – 6 Secrets of Effective Facebook Search Engine Optimization

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Facebook SEO – 6 Secrets of Effective Facebook Search Engine Optimization

Have you been marketing your way through Facebook and yet you feel like you haven’t even achieved prospective customers yet? Tired of thinking how to advertise your way through the web? And if you are doing so, are you really sure that you are at most being amplified? I thought you’d wonder! Here are 6 secrets of effective Facebook SEO of which I strongly suggest for you to put up with:

Putting up the Right Page Name

It is solely important that you should think very careful before filling up this section. Choosing a suitable name, it is best that you also consider how Facebook SEO would work and react with it. Frequently modifying your Page Name is also not of good choice, because it might, most probable than not, waste a you your SEO ranks. The key here is that you might want to use names that would likely give you less hassle. Such include:

Using Generic Names

–         Doing so would affect your page’s rate of viral growth. Concerning this, you might get your updates disabled, which you wouldn’t want to happen, due to fact that Facebook has currently been halting updates for pages with generic names.

Using Spam resembling Names

–         You should watch out for selections of your page names that might look a bit too resembled with Spam. Visitors might acquire less interest of your page assuming it might be a spam. You can’t afford to lose SEO points just because visitors assume that you are a spammer.

NOTE that whatever name you put up with your page is vital. Stick to it if you must! In this way, it will help your page get familiarized by Search engine results and thus provide you a higher SEO rank.

A good choice of Page Description

Another SEO strategy that you might want to apply is to put up with a page description that is closest to your Page name. It should be placed where it is most noticeable, somewhere right at the top of your page as possible. Technically, we are dealing with the “About” section located right underneath the profile or main picture of your page. you are privileged to place a custom text with 250 characters as its text limit so be smart to choose right keywords to place in it.

Take privilege of the Page Info Box

What’s great with what the Facebook info box has to offer is that it actually gives you a chance to place links, keywords, as well as prose that would further provide you probable higher search engine results on Google search. Facebook Page Info Box provides metadata that allow:

·        URL sites that provide direct links to one’s own websites

·        Complete Address information (Address, City, State, Zip code) that facilitate probable Local Searches on the web

·        Company Overview on what you and your company has to present in case of Product web searches

This way, you’ll boost up your info on Search Engine results. Though there will be a selection from categories provided of what you want your page to come into view, either Business, Public Figure, or Brand, your page’s overall info will depend upon your choice.

Amplify your Page Mission

It is strongly suggested that you spell out your page’s mission clearly. You should include here the intentions of your page’s being. Also, you should make clear of your point on what people could benefit from your page. In that way, the purpose of your page’s existence will be justified by people who might need its service. Make sure to relate your mission closer on your keyword info in order to heighten up SEO ranks.

Construct Posted Links

Make use of the variety of Facebook’s status box, wall, and provided metadata for links in posting URLs and links of stuffs connected to other pages, better yet, even to your own pages. Facebook gives you an opportunity to prop up your own websites which is really great, don’t you think?

Make the most of Inbound Links

There’s nothing more convincing to increase you page’s rank by getting a couple of numbers of inbound links to your page on Facebook. Other than making traditional text links, Facebook is also encouraging page owners to utilize “Find Us On Facebook” badge. Post it on a couple of your websites and it’ll surely direct visitors to your Facebook Page!

You see, Facebook just made things easier for you. So I suggest you get up and start making changes on your page! For a more successful Facebook SEO result, just track along these steps!


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