Thursday, December 14

Bukisa is Broken

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When Bukisa made the announcement from Bukisa to change to Adsense, I immediately put in my Adsense account.   In a business like Bukisa, there is a certain expectation on the service and the partnership between the writer and the site.    I did not expect the addition of my Adsense to have any adverse effect on my account.  

However, after that, I started finding problems.  It may not be the Adsense itself but maybe the programmer acting behind the scene is facing a lot of challenges in making this change.  I believe it is a major change.  

Here are some of the effects I see and from what I hear others are facing similar problems.  

  1. We can no longer see the stats (earning and traffic) for our articles.

  2. Not all our articles appear in our content page anymore.  We have to look at our profile to see all our articles – meaning we have to see ourselves as a third person.

By not being able to see our articles in our content page, there is a side effect, we are not able to edit or delete articles that do not show in that page.   I had a problem last night submitting an article.  I tried a few times and each time I encountered a failure message.  Little did I know that the submission was successful.  In my frustration, I submitted the article to Triond.  This morning I found that I had indeed submitted six copies of the same article.    To all my readers, I apologize.  Unfortunately, I am unable to remove those duplicates since non of the copies appear in my content page.

From the Site Blog, I can see that the Site is currently also under a lot of pressure and I hope that they are able to address the teething problems of change.  Coming from an IT background, I understand the amount of pressure that comes with this kind of problem.  Hopefully this will be a temporary challenge that will be conquered.


It looks like the contents are now visible again but in the wrong sequence, old articles first.   I am now able to go remove the duplicates mentioned above.  So looks like the admins are working hard to get things right.    I solute the effort, glad to get the support and listening to our feedbacki!!!

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