Sunday, December 17

Matt Cardle Wins X Factor

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                                                  Matt Cardle Wins X Factor

This weekend saw , firstly on Saturday night, the elimination of Cher Lloyd, from the final of X Factor, and then on Sunday, the young male group One Direction, relegated to 3rd place. This left Rebecca Ferguson, a girl with a soulful voice,  and Matt Cardle, a very ordinary looking  young man with a beautiful voice, and  his accompaniment to his singing, on the guitar, showed us  he was   more than just a singer.

I had followed Matt all the way through, and he was always my favourite to win . However, Simon Cowell, who was  mentoring One Direction, seemed totally convinced that these young lads would take the crown this year. Likewise Cheryl Cole, who was mentoring  Rebecca, seemed convinced that she was going to win, as did Louis Walsh, who once he had lost all in his own category, implored the public to vote for Rebbeca  ” Because she will sell more  records internationally.” In other words, Louis could see the pound signs flashing before his eyes, so I’m not sure whether his remarks helped or hindered Rebecca.

I felt the deciding factor was when they both sang their own versions of the song that would be the recorded single. Matt sang it absolutely from his soul, whereas Rebecca appeared to hold back a little, although she does have a beautiful and distinctive voice. Maybe it was nerves, but whatever the reason, I was satisfied with this result, after all the controversy there has been this year, I do feel the right person won. Congratulations Matt, and I hope you get to No1 with your debut single.

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