Thursday, December 14

Applications For The Samsung Focus

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First of all, the Samsung Focus is a smart phone that comes with a good amount of built in technology that makes using apps on it a more enjoyable experience. For example, it is loaded with a 1 GHz single core processor that makes most things run faster, even though it will still rely on the Google Android operating system to function as a useful interface. Additionally, the smart phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera that should let you take pictures of things as well as shoot video clips for yourself, friends, or family on the go.

The Samsung Focus is just like most smart phones today, running on Android OS by Google. It might not be the best operating system you can find on a smart phone (that award might have to be reserved for the iPhone 4), but it is certainly a popular operating system, and with it, you can find thousands of apps that have been written for smart phones just like the Samsung Focus.

A great example of a business app you might want to download for the Samsung Focus is Locale. This versatile application is designed to let the phone manage itself and it can also turn off the phone automatically in movies and meetings as well as push notifications about low battery and more.

You might also be interested in GDocs. This app lets you review your Google documents while you are on the go. You can’t actually write or edit them, but you can read them on your Samsung Focus. Similarly, if you get AK Notepad, you can use your smart phone to take notes, make lists of things that need doing and make reminder alarms for things that will need doing in the near future. You can then forward your notes to other people or locations either through SMS or through email services. There is even a search function that allows you to review your notes through their titles. The app is small, fast, simple, and might soon become indispensable if you use it long enough.

Finally, there are a number of decent Samsung Focus accessories you can take home to make your smart phone even smarter. Such accessories include a Samsung Focus case and an extra Samsung Focus battery. Combined, these result in a great phone that can do most, if not all things.


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