Thursday, December 14

Wedding Favours With A Difference

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Sugared almonds and chocolate boxes are being replaced by alternatives such as wedding favors CD. Moreover, as many couples more people are choosing to marry abroad, beach theme wedding favors are becoming more popular. For some couples, the option of marrying abroad is driven by the cost of a huge wedding, not to mention the time you have to wait to get a place. For others it is purely to match the wedding with the honeymoon. Some couples based their decision on family disputes and decide to marry alone, without relatives abroad “interfere” with their big day. 

Whatever reason for the people behind their choice, a wedding is as individual and unique as a person and this is largely reflected in everything. Whether married abroad alone, with friends and family or with a reception in his statement, you need to think about wedding favors for your guests. Beach theme wedding favors come in a huge variety and its popularity continues to increase as more couples opt for beach weddings. You may choose to give your guests on the day or you can choose to give to guests back home could not travel to enjoy your special day. Giving beach theme wedding favors, family and friends can feel a very important part of your wedding on the beach, even if they were there to experience it in person. 

CD favors wedding are also a great way to engage guests in your special day. For those attending, you can put together a soundtrack of songs that you and your favorite couple, or perhaps the song you have for your “first dance”. On the other hand, if you decide to marry without family and friends present, you can record their votes on a DVD. On his return home, you can give your wedding favors from CD to your loved ones and you will feel like a part of your wonderful day. 

My husband and I decided to get married abroad and there was nothing great to say our vows with sand between your toes. We took the family with us, and because of the nature of the wedding, we decided to beach wedding favors theme of our little party on the day. Of course, many dear family members and friends could not join us on our special day which gives the beach wedding favors and theme wedding in a CD of the event.


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