Wednesday, December 13

U.s. Marshal: Pursuit

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U.S. Marshal: Pursuit is also known as U.S. Marshal: Army Escapee Pursuit and it’s probably my favorite episode of the entire series, mainly because one of the primary guest stars is Robert Fuller.  Actually, this is one of his early performances so he’s even listed in the credits as simply ‘Bob’ Fuller.

The main guess star, though, was Charles Bronson, who did an abundance of TV work before becoming a movie star.  In this case, he’s an Army prisoner who manages to escape by climbing into a convertible as it leaves the base.  The car is being driven by a woman who had just picked up her boyfriend (Fuller).  Then the action begins as Bronson forces them to take him towards the border.

It’s up to Marshal Frank Morgan, played by John Bromfield, to track Bronson down and bring him back into custody.

Fuller is the fun one to watch for me.  He looks sharp in his corporal’s uniform, and I love it when he takes on Bronson after the man makes a move on the girlfriend.

There’s plenty of action.  The only thing I wish is that at the end we’d seen one more shot of the corporal and the girlfriend together.  I like seeing happy endings.


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