Sunday, December 17

Sheriff of Cochise: Husband And Wife

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Sheriff of Cochise: Husband and Wife is sometimes also seen under the series title of The Man from Cochise.  It stars John Bromfield as Sheriff Frank Morgan.  Later in the series progression, he’s appointed a United States Marshal and the title and location of the series changed.

What is odd to me about this show is that the primary guest star is Mike Connors and even knowing that it’s him, I have a hard time recognizing him.  Maybe it’s because he’s playing a rodeo cowboy.  It’s just odd because normally I don’t have this kind of an issue.  Maybe it’s too many years of watching him as Mannix.

The basic plot has Connors’ character of Jesse Stiles marrying a young woman he believes has the loot they need to make him a rodeo star.  She’s all lost in love, of course, and can’t see how he’s milking her just for the bank account.

Bromfield is a capable performer and does a good job as the sheriff.  He has to break the news to the wife that her husband is still married to another woman.  It’s not a new plot.

I do enjoy seeing Connors.  It’s a different type of role than I’m used to seeing him in, and it works.


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