Tuesday, December 12

How to Pass For a Stylish Girl

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Famous designers have long made a list of things that should be every woman of fashion, as all the infamous little black dress or a nice pair of jeans. However, creating a stylish way of clothing is not limited.

Accessory – a word that has come from French means accessory items. Fashion accessories – it’s just something that helps us to create your own and unique style. Of course, they can not be called the essentials, but the so-called list of “must have” still exists.

Bag – Fashion magazines suggest you choose something more expensive. I can not say that they are completely wrong. Of course, women who can afford such an expensive accessory, not so much. However, the bag and in fact should not be a very very cheap. Afford to go to the bag for 1 euro is possible only if she bought at a flea market and is the brightest representative of the style “vintage.”

Bags must be at least two: one for the autumn-winter, the second – on the spring and summer seasons. Distinguish between them, respectively, in color and materials from which these bags do.

Plus a mandatory bag for the light output. Yes, yes, the one on an elegant chain and which really did not put. However, if you think you might need, for example, in the theater?

Shoes – Typically, the more expensive the better works here. True, the shoes often still falls under the trend that can be called briefly as follows: “the more expensive the longer it is worn.

Must be: 1 pair of black boats, a pair of black shoes on high heels and two pairs – any height and in colors that are best suited to your clothes. Are also considered vital to the knee boots, which many have with the mini, but they are not for everyone. You can replace them with a pair of basic black boots that go for you personally.

Scarf – its designers decided to give us complete control over, stipulating only that the choice must in principle: one – solid color, the second – in color. Drawing on the scarf left to your discretion.

Sunglasses – The fashion for these changes as often as all the rest. However, there are what are considered “classics” – large, dark sunglasses with dark glasses in a white plastic frame.

Jewellery – String of pearls – it’s what you need every fashionist as in the first place. However, I know for myself: not everyone can afford such a purchase. Therefore, gold or silver chains look good too. As an option – a pearl on a chain. This accessory is always highlight the fact that you gave to nature (whether beautiful breasts or tender skin in the neck), and attract the attention of others.

Those who have pierced ears, you will need at least three pairs of earrings: silver, gold and pearls.

Finale in the list of decorations is a brooch. Best of all that she was like “from my grandmother’s trunk.”

And the last thing I want to say – it is straps. Fashion-specialists recommend taking these simple rules: one – black leather, the second – colored suede and the third – the color of any material and any color, but always subtle.

Of course, you do not have to have all these little things that pass for a stylish or fashionable woman. However, this list was formed by chance. Almost all the objects in it – are universal and fit all times and all. And it already means something.


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