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Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy, Treatment!

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Pregnancy – is a normal condition for women. Nevertheless, despite the current approaches and a lot of attention of doctors for pregnancy and giving birth, or that the problem is not bypassed almost anyone. Even if the pregnancy went without a hitch, the problems may start you have after giving birth, an ulterior motive first month or two after birth is called “the fourth trimester.”

What problems can Expect future Mother?

In the first place, this is a general deterioration of health – weakness, dizziness, lethargy, and nausea – all the things that doctors unite under the term “toxemia”. These symptoms are associated with the fact that in the body during pregnancy begins to emit massive amounts of hormones and bioactive substances. Of course, the body gradually adapts to the new hormonal background, but not always easy adaptation takes place. Help your body can correct mode of the day and food, as well as taking a multivitamin that will facilitate the unpleasant symptoms.

The second highest frequency, but not least, there are a variety of abdominal pain, which are always very concerned and worried about the future mother and her doctor. Of course, most understand that it hurts, it is extremely difficult because the causes can be many – from the stomach to the intestine and ending with a purely “women’s” pain associated with the uterus. In the case of abdominal pain should not delay the treatment of a doctor who will help deal with their cause and help resolve it.

Another problem that can attend to the future mother is cold. A variety of ARI and ARI are dangerous not so much by themselves as the general decline in immunity, at this time may be activated, diseases such as herpes and cytomegalovirus. These and other enter viruses are dangerous because they can cause developmental disorders in the future baby. Therefore important not only to treat the infection, but its prevention and adequate, in what may help restorative practices – vitamins and a healthy lifestyle and specific – various immuno globulins and other immune modulators.

However, in spite of sufficient seriousness the above conditions; they are all relatively painless tolerated pregnant mothers, in contrast to such unfortunate and unpleasant diseases, such as hemorrhoids, which occur not only during pregnancy, but May equally likely to develop after birth.

What is the cause of Hemorrhoids?

Body of a pregnant – a system being in a delicate balance, which is very easy to break. Prerequisites for the emergence of hemorrhoids can be a variety of factors, however, one of the most important, it is fluid retention pregnant. It is known that during pregnancy a woman, on average, gains of up to 10 kilograms, of which the child’s weight is not more than four, the remaining 6 “kilo” – a liquid. It is these pounds and is the cause of edema, impeding the outflow through the veins and lymphatic vessels of the legs and pelvic area, which is already reduced due to the increased size of the uterus. In addition, decreased bowel motility during pregnancy can lead to constipation and, consequently, the hemorrhoidal veins.

How to get Rid of Sensitive Disease?

Certainly, the most simple and easy way, hemorrhoidal disease is prevention – to keep to a diet, monitor the amount of fluid intake (1-2 liters a day), use compression hosiery – that will help the normal outflow of blood and lymph from the veins, and hence significantly reduce the risk of developing hemorrhoids.

If you are unable to avoid the development of hemorrhoids, you should promptly attend to his treatment, that he did not become chronic.

Modern medicine knows many ways to treat hemorrhoids, not least among which are operational. Unfortunately, despite their effectiveness, they are contraindicated for pregnant women. But do not despair, in recent years has developed many conservative ways of getting rid of hemorrhoids.


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