Thursday, December 14

U.s. Marshal: Sentence of Death

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U.S. Marshal: Sentence of Death is a strong drama for its half hour, chiefly because of the presence of Jack Lord.  Lord, best known as Steve McGarrett on Hawaii 5-0, played so many roles prior to that with distinction.  Be it a good guy or a bad guy, he most always had layers to his portrayal.  He always looked and sounded strong, which was part of his allure.

This show has a fight scene early on between Lord’s character of Matt Bonner and series star John Bromfield’s Frank Morgan.  It was well staged.  Bromfield did this fly through the air that was terrific.  It looked like it was him, too, as I didn’t notice any cuts.  As I’ve rewatched some shows from this series for the first time in years, I’ve been impressed with the stunt work.  It’s been good, much better than some other of its contemporary TV series.

In the episode, Bonner has just been sentenced to death for his crimes.  Morgan is supposed to transport him, but when he gets to the jail, another prisoner claims to have information the police would want about Bonner.

This was a neat show to watch.  Lord was great, and the action was solid.


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