Monday, December 18

Six Things Shoppers Will Do to Get The Most Out of Using Coupons

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You may have heard about people spending large amounts of cash on groceries, yet never bothering to use coupons.  You may have seen someone standing in line short on cash scraping for change to pay for a product while declining a shopper program to save on future purchases.  They have their reasons for not using coupons like “I don’t shop enough at this store…I don’t care about those penny savings…” Shoppers like these don’t believe they save any “real” money using coupons and programs.  Yet, savvy shoppers know that with time, dedication and the Internet, they can save big and never pay full price for anything!  So what do the savvy shoppers know, and how do they get the most savings on their product purchases?

1.  They wait for needed items to go on sale then take their coupons to stores that double even triple coupons.

Smart shoppers know that they don’t need everything right now, so they will go without certain items until they go on sale.  In the meantime, they look for alternative items that they can still get some savings by using coupons.  They don’t use just one coupon, but they visit stores that will double even triple coupons.

2.  They search the Internet and register with different websites offering coupons.

Some items a shopper can’t simply wait on, so what they do is search the Internet for coupons.  Sometimes they will visit a site devoted to coupons, a manufacturer’s company website, forums, read articles related to grocery store coupons and click on related links, sign up for newsletters, join clubs, or shop at an online auction site like eBay and bid on coupons.

3.  They will take more than one person to a store to help with purchases and/or shop different stores using coupons.

Since most coupons have limits on what they can be used for, how many times it can be used, etc., the coupon user will give a relative or friend additional coupons and get them to help out with their purchases.  They will also shop the same store located in different neighborhoods using additional coupons.

4.  They will print more than one coupon from the Internet.

Some website stores have limits on the number of times you can use a printable coupon while others don’t.  The shopper may have a store coupon returned to them by a store clerk to use again depending on the instructions given on the coupon.

5.  They will participate in surveys.

It saves to fill out a survey!  Some stores will offer additional coupons to customers who participate in their surveys.  Once the survey is completed, the customer may be offered a printable coupon or online coupon code to use with their next purchase. 

6.  They will call, email or write the company who created the product.

Sometimes reporting a problem with a grocery store item to the company via their 1-800 number on the back of their product packaging, may result in a customer receiving a coupon for a future discount on select products or even better free items.

When using coupons, always keep in mind that being dishonest like knowingly using an expired coupon or getting others to take advantage of offers for you that you already received may not land a person in jail, but it will make companies think twice about providing discounted coupons, freebies, etc. in the future.

Think of additional ways that you can honestly get the best use out of your coupons like joining a company that distributes a variety of coupons to members or buying a coupon book. Take the time to sign up for store club cards for additional savings.  When you do, you will periodically receive coupons via the store register, in the mail and/or email based on your shopping selections.


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