Wednesday, December 13

U.s. Marshal: The Champ

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U.S. Marshal: The Champ is worth watching just to see a young Michael Landon.  Now the show opens with a boxing scene which made me think that was going to be the focus of the half hour, but it wasn’t really.

At the center of the action as Dan Sayers (Landon) who is ‘The Champ’.  He gets made an offer he can’t refuse.   Unfortunately, it puts him on the wrong side of the law.  We get to see a montage of his intimidating style of work, something his boxing career made him well suited for.

The show has a passage of time, which it shows well with the montage sequence and such.

Hal Baylor has a nice supporting role in the drama.  It’s hard to miss his hardcore look.

The program stars John Bromfield, who is well suited for the marshal role.  I believe him, and while he is considered a B-movie actor, in my opinion, he brought a very nice, believable calm to his portrayal.  He doesn’t overplay the part.

Landon is quite good in his role, too.  I had to laugh, though, when he wears this big ten-gallon type hat.  That just doesn’t work for him for some reason.


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