Monday, December 11

U.s. Marshal: Trigger Happy

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U.S. Marshal: Trigger Happy was just a delightful half hour of police crime drama to watch, and the main reason for that was a wonderful guest star appearance by Martin Milner, who is best known for Route 66 and Adam-12.

Actually, in ways this guest star shot reminds me on one Milner did on Laredo when he was a green Texas Ranger recruit, but this show was a modern age production.  Still, he’s a deputy, new on the job, who wants to make good.  When Marshal Frank Morgan gives Deputy Bob Baxter his first shot, things go a little wrong.

While there are some comedic moments, especially early on, the drama kicks in when the man Baxter goes after ends up dead and Baxter becomes the prime suspect.  It’s not a new plot really, but Milner makes it fun to watch.  He gets a little excitable, and that works for the character.

I enjoy the outdoor filming employed in this episode, as well as how the stunt work was done.  It was much better than Highway Patrol, a contemporary drama that aired and never did get the action sequences as right as this show does.

On the whole, this is definitely one show to watch, especially if you’re a Milner fan.


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