Friday, December 15

U.s. Marshal: The Fugitives

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U.S. Marshal: The Fugitives was the first episode for this new take on The Sheriff of Cochise.  No longer the sheriff, Frank Morgan now acts as a U.S. Marshal.  The opener has him chasing after some fugitives.

For me, this outing really wasn’t as interesting as many that followed it.  It was okay, but it was more standard and just didn’t have that much to keep my attention.

I do like John Bromfield who played Morgan.  He fits the role of a marshal nicely.  A lot of people today don’t really know him because after four seasons of playing this part, he quit the business and became a commercial fisherman.  Show biz is a tough place.  I actually admire his decision.

At any rate, there is plenty of action in this half hour, but the problem is that the plot doesn’t stand out that much.  As I said, it’s nothing we haven’t seen, not even back when the show was produced.  Bromfield does his best to bring it some life, though, which is actually the saving grace of the episode.

None of the guest stars are that appealing.  The most notable was Chris Alcaide, but for the most part, it was all pretty average.


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