Thursday, December 14

U.s. Marshal: Mary Jo is Missing

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A lot of folks may not remember the police crime drama United States Marshal.  It followed The Sheriff of Cochise, also known as The Man from Cochise.  It’s essentially the same show, though now lead character Frank Morgan is a U.S. Marshal.

The episode being reviewed is called Maryjo Is Missing and there’s actually a lot of references to when Morgan was the sheriff of Cochise County before becoming a marshal.  I like these references and connection with the past history of the show.

The show guest stars Frank Maxwell as Robbie Ulman.  Maxwell played a lot of character roles in his career, and he was believable in all of them.  Here he tries to come off as a good guy when he’s actually behind the shenanigans that take place.

The opening scene is a little fun because it’s very relatable.  A woman is always being confused with a famous movie star and when she sees the star at an event, she watches her.  It’s just a cute bit that isn’t really important to the plot, but it adds to the entertainment value.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this series and I’d forgotten that another character actor, James Griffith, was a regular as a deputy.  He’s so much fun to watch here.


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