Tuesday, December 12

3 Reasons to Become a Housewife

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Women are so long sought equality with men that in the end got what for what worked for. It is not surprising that a woman could earn and support his family on an equal basis with men. No wonder then those men who pushed a woman in the workplace, not in a hurry to deal with women’s equality in the kitchen, bathrooms and children. This means that women with their own hands have built a time-sharing problem between work and home. It is time to fix this problem by becoming a homemaker.

Our Children

To devote more time to her children, many women refuse to bustle around the office and devote themselves to motherhood. The main thing in this case, enjoys socializing with children, rather than trying to make one of those who dreamed of becoming a woman, but was not she. If you are a housewife, you have plenty of time to visit with the children a variety of master classes (preferably in different places and not in any one “development center”). They pass within a few hours and there does not need to go a whole year. This may be handicrafts, dance, martial arts, sports and games – you can try everything. The main thing – to choose a training session for the child’s age so he could do everything himself, with his hands. Give your child a choice and he will tell you – the more interesting for him to do. You will only support him in this.

Beloved Husband

In this case the woman becomes the housekeeper, to create for him a strong and reliable rear. If you feel comfortable in this role, hence the decision to become a housewife right. Yes and what is bad wait for your favorite job and do cooking gourmet dishes for dinner by candlelight? And do not think that this is easy! Find an interesting recipe, and still make it not only edible, and even delicious – it’s not just skill and talent, which in no case be buried in the ground.

Clean and tidy House

Argued that purely is not where often clean, but where do not litter. Perhaps this phrase refers to a bachelor living alone in his bachelor’s den, but it is neither a large family with children. Of course, to teach a child to order needed from the cradle. He can help his mother collect toys from the floor or take the dishes in the sink, but more complex things my mother would have done myself.

In addition to daily cleaning procedures exist that need to be periodically in order to maintain perfect cleanliness in the house – it’s dry-cleaning furniture , washing curtains, window washing, etc.

Processes aiming in the house are endless and it does not matter cleaned house in the village or is cleaning houses in Moscow – have to get out every day.

Summarizing, we can say that a housewife during the day carries a huge amount of work that absolutely can not be compared with the volumes of work under strictly nor med working day anywhere in the office. And if for domestic labor paid the salary, the housewife would be a good salary. Perhaps this is another reason why a woman may well leave a stuffy office – working housewife we save a lot of money for the good of his family.


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