Monday, December 11

Heartless Republicans Try to Use Christmas to Obstruct Start Treaty.

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I have to admit if this bunch of Republican’s care about anything other then getting tax cuts for the rich and themselves I cannot tell.

After spending the greater part of two years  holding the country hostage by blocking any and everything these losers have the nerve to be whining about maybe having to work the day after Christmas.

This is unbelievable. It is not as if they get anything done anyway, but that is beside the point. Here we have millions of Americans out of work and without unemployment, two wars, START treaty, DADT, just to name a few and these scumbags are whining about doing their jobs.

Maybe had they not block everything for two years it would not come done to working during the holidays, but they did.

Never mind the millions of people their political games hurt, the real people who won’t be going back to some country club life, the people whose children are not going to have a Christmas this year because of their political games and their whining about doing their jobs or in the Republicans case not doing their jobs.

Now after holding the country in grind lock for a whole year the Republicans have one more kick in the teeth for Americas before the year-ends. They want to try to use working during the holidays as an excuse to block the re-ratification of the START treaty.

The re-ratification of the START treaty is vital to our nation’s security, not that the Republicans care. As long as they can get their tax cuts for the Rich and keep President Obama from succeeding it doesn’t matter to them that they may very well be putting the country at risk.

Now they want to cry foul because they may actually have to do their jobs for once. Republican Senator Kyle went as far as saying that working the day after Christmas is tantamount to,

 “Disrespecting one of the two holiest of holidays for Christians and the families of all of the Senate.”

First off, the day after Christmas is not technically a holiday, and secondly I guess its okay to disrespect the hurting Americans who will not be having a Christmas because of the Republicans political games this year.

America is not losing its place in the world because of the citizens; it is the politicians that are driving this country into the dirt.


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