Thursday, December 14

Stargate Sg-1: Meridian

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Stargate SG-1: Meridian.  I hate to even write the name or give the episode thought.  It makes me angry, and quite honestly, I rarely watch it.  I will consciously avoid it, in fact.  It’s an episode that never should have happened and only happened because of insane producers.  They learned, though, and they learned quickly.

Basically, this is the last show that Michael Shanks did as Daniel Jackson before being off for a year, sort of.

It’s a show full of miscues that were set in motion by the without a clue powers that be.  As I said, they learned.  However, before they did, we had to endure this show and a year of Jonas Quinn.  Worse, the ridiculous people thought they would endear Jonas to viewers by having him by single handedly responsible for the ‘death’ of Daniel.  Does that make sense to you?  It did to them.

There is just one good thing about the show, which is the wonderful scene between Jack and Daniel shortly before Daniel’s ‘death’.  Jack tells his friend how much he admires him.  I thought it was great, but fans really wanted more than this.

I just don’t care to be reminded of the nonsense and good acting by Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson or not, I don’t want to watch.


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