Tuesday, December 12

How do I Make my Husband go on a Diet?

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The question is perhaps not an easy one and, as a rule, it asked the wife, who first years of their married life were trying to compete with their own mother-in for the championship in the kitchen, home, parenting, children, etc. Husband, watching this “gay pictures” totally relaxed and forgot all about that, except for lying on the couch, you need to move from time to time, engage in sports, in the end, and sometimes take out the garbage and deal with the male half of the house. Over time favorite man becomes “sloth” who only eats and sleeps, and the 8-hour working day in office, he finds a sophisticated “physical exercise”, since that requires complete rest, a dense 5-course dinner and rest again.

After 5-7 years of living together you look in the mirror and notice where the first wrinkles and bruise from a chronic lack of sleep and sometimes gray hair. Unlike your husband is calm, do not puzzled by the problems and did not weigh 80 kg and 40 kg more. It all depends on the degree of “calm” and your culinary abilities. Slowly spouses traveling to various rooms, and almost had forgotten what a dream, and the joint family bed, because simply they are no longer interested in each other, and the cause of all the notorious excess weight. But most importantly – no man cools to its second half, and woman-homemaker, tired of the fact that she has to pull all on its own fragile shoulders, while beside her when completely healthy young man.

What do you do, do not look as another man, because he corrected himself and subsequently become lazy because the extra pounds very quickly tire in the process of labor? Perhaps we should talk to him and explain your constant bickering, misunderstandings and lack of privacy as such. Better yet, tell him looking straight into my eyes: My dear, you know, if you will not find a last drop of will power and do not stop there in such numbers, we will eventually get divorced , since I do not want to live with a fat sloth, who does not know how to count calories in their diets. The sooner you decide on this act, the more likely that a man will listen to your words, provided that he does not give a damn about how it looks, and he still loves you even as his wife.

However, this is only the first stage of a complex process called “How do I get my husband to lose weight.” When you first cast the bait and swallowed her betrothed, keep in mind that you’ll have to show by example what to do. This means that you will also restrict your diet and follow the same diet, which is “prescribed” spouse. In addition, you have to wake him at 6 o’clock in the morning to make a joint jog and mix it into your favorite gym so he saw how easy and enjoyable physical activity. It is mandatory to make the menu for every day and prepare healthy meals at work, so betrothed is not broke and did not eat from hunger couple overcooked patties or Big Macs. But most importantly, that there will be a great opportunity to remember how you liked it once to spend time together, have common goals and interests, occasions for simple conversations, and more.

Each of you will pursue a goal, but eventually it will lead you to one and the same result, but rather understanding and reviving half-dead family relationships. And there, and life slowly get better and, perhaps, that her husband you make out of a cute kid who has turned your head in the age of eighteen.

You can not let things take their course and wait until he decides to change something. We must take the initiative in their hands; let it be very risky and a little scary. You can not let a man think about it once you have conquered, enslaved, and trample on you. Need to be a mistress of his destiny, to build and break, just to think things through in detail. In fact, women are much stronger than men, although they believe their poor half of humanity.


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