Monday, December 11

Stargate Sg-1: Legacy

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Stargate SG-1: Legacy is one of the best episodes of the series and it is one in which star Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson really stands out. Part of the concept of the show has it appearing as if Daniel is losing his mind. In fact, at one point, the archaeologist is taken from the SGC and placed inside a padded room at the Air Force hospital.

Shanks did a marvelous job showing Daniel’s breakdown.  It was full of mental subtleties.

Many scenes stand out in my mind, including a fantastic scene between Jack and Daniel when thehy are playing chess.  That’s actually one of my all time favorite scenes between these two.  It’s the little nuances of their friendship that are present that really get to me.

I also love Daniel’s shower scene and the one where his teammates visit him in the padded room.  Amanda Tapping as Sam is actually quite good here.

The only negative is that the show doesn’t really delve as deeply as it could have into Daniel’s psyche.  He clearly has some issues as related to his teammates, but none of them are even lightly addressed.

Regardless, Legacy is just awesome to watch.  Shanks is fabulous.


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