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How To Use Hairspray Correctly

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Hairspray has come a long way from the stiff rock-hard lacquer your grandmother used to use on her hair. These days, there is a hairspray for every type of hair and every type of style. Some sprays are light and provide a soft hold, while others are strong enough to make the hair stand on end all day long. The first step in using hairspray effectively is to choose the right spray for the job.

Most women these days are looking for easy wash-and-wear styles that do not require a stiff hairspray. However, for those windy or humid days when hair doesn’t seem to cooperate with the weather, there is no better styling product than hairspray. For most modern hairstyles, a light to medium hold finishing spray can be a lifesaver.

On longer hairstyles, a hairspray can serve many purposes. Avoid using a firm hold spray on longer styles, as this can cause the hair to tangle. A light or medium hold finishing spray is a great way to protect hair from the heat of a flat iron. By lightly misting each section of hair with a high-quality hairspray, your hair will be protected from thermal damage, and once your hair has been straightened it will retain it’s straightness for the rest of the day without feeling sticky or stiff.

The best way to use a spray is by shaking the can and then spraying the hair from an arm’s length away. If you hold the can too close to the hair, the spray will not evenly disperse and you will be left with way too much product on the hair. The further away from the hair that you hold the can, the more evenly dispersed the particles of spray will be, resulting in a more even and softer finish.

There are times, however, when you will need some extra hold, such as for formal occasions like weddings, proms, parties, and other social events. Whenever extra hold is required, it’s best to use a technique known as the freeze curl. This is accomplished by spraying the hair from close distance while it is still wrapped around a curling iron. A quick short burst of spray onto the hair from an inch or two away will result in a curl that will stay in place no matter what happens with the weather. This method is used by many hairstylists when creating updos and formal styles for weddings and proms.

Finally, perhaps the best way to use hairspray effectively is by investing in a professional spray made with quality ingredients. Salon quality sprays tend to be gentler on the hair and often contain less alcohol and other ingredients than can dry out the hair. A quality hairspray will provide the necessary hold, but will not leave the hair looking sticky, flaky, or covered in a film of residue.


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